Fan Fridays: I Need a Thermos

So since I am pulling long days in the studio working on my senior project & always find I leave my large coffee mugs there I've decided I need a thermos.  I drink a lot of coffee in the morning which is totally bad for me! But,  I don't want a regular old thermos, I'd love to have a vintage one! I am afraid of shopping in thrift shops for them since I am not sure where they've been or really how to clean them.  But I may just go a see how they look, if I can find one, & if I can clean it up nice!

Since the thrift store is a bit away & I don't have a car, I've turned to Etsy (of course) for some inspiration.  Here are some of my faves:

this one from the Vintage Tree House
I looooove Dunkin' Donuts coffee this is so perfect!

this red plaid one from Reindustria is super neat!
I love the pattern, it's very fall-y

I love the pattern on these.  And here's the plus: it's a whole set!
There is a mens lunch box & bag 
along with these two cute containers.
I want!

This wood paneled one from Closet Photo.
I love the wood design.  This one would make me feel constructive!

I hope I have one soon! Right now I am using one of my room mate's water bottles to transport my hot gallons of coffee to campus.

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  1. I love all of the thermos options you've shared. I was once iffy about Thermos from the thrift store, but I highly recommend you embark on the thrift store search for one! I have a few thermoses from thirft store. They cleaned up well, they're beautiful, and they are fun to use.

    I keep a small tea pot on my desk at work, along with a pretty cup. I use both a few times daily, and they make the office more homey.


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