Fan Fridays: Pretty In Pink

My oh my, I never realized my love for Molly Ringwald's characters until I re-watched Pretty in Pink.  I'd seen parts of it before, & she has always been my go to gal in The Breakfast Club & Sixteen Candles, but when Pretty in Pink was on tv this past week I fell in love again.

I loved her style!  I am not quite sure if I could pull off any of the really cool things she was wearing but I can dream.  I loved her asymmetrical earrings the most.  Her eccentric style is so awesome.

I stumbled up on a site with a great synopsis/critique of the film. Parts of it are so funny:
It’s a strong, if corny, sequence, that captures the inevitable moment for a teenager when just how unfair life can be first shocks us.
- ferdyonfilms.com
 Isn't that quote so true?

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  1. Oh, I love this! Asymmetrical earrings are so cool. :)

  2. She is fabulous! I think you could pull off her look! I say just go for the earrings, and give it a whirl. Thanks for finding my blog and following me! It's fun to connect with another blogger.


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