Make It Mondays: DIY Garland Idea & Gift for my Sister

The holidays are coming 'round & over at Cross My Hooks, I've been working on a series about a Handmade Holiday.  This week, I made some crochet gift tags:

As I was making these little circles I realized they'd look so great as a garland! I was browsing through the internet & found a string of lights made into a garland by adding elements to the lights. I thought that was a great idea! Here's what I have now:

It's just a little prototype.  I am going to make a few more circles & use them for decoration when I go home to my parents for Thanksgiving.

By the way, who is excited for food & family in 4 days? I know I am!

Alright, I know I probably shouldn't blog about a gift I am giving my sister right? Well, I am quite sure she doesn't read my blog (it's not cool, you know....boy does she not have any idea about cool, huh?).  I think I may be safe.  When I do give her gifts however I like to give her really good hints. 

Last year for her birthday I gave her a vintage suitcase set.  She loved them! I told her she would & everyday for about a month she asked me what it was.  I gave her really great hints:
It is blue.
When you go, it goes with you.
When you go, you leave it & it meets you there.
and things like the. 

Needless to say she never got the hints but it all made since when she opened the present :)  So, for Christmas this year I have decided to make her some coasters.  I saw this great tutorial over on A Pumpkin & A Princess for making glittery Christmas coasters for presents.  

You may remember my post about a Chemistry Inspired bedroom for my sister.  It is from this I draw my inspiration! Last year I made her a little ornament that looked like a square from the periodic table.....she informed me that the element I made up (Shelbidium) could not possibly have the characteristics I had given it.  I chose the name because it sounds like her name (a bit) & gave it an atomic number of her birthday & atomic weight of some other number I can't remember.

Long story short, I am making her element coasters! I don't know if they should spell out her name or something else.  

Phew! That was a long post.  Happy Monday :)

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