I Want to Make These!

Again, browsing one of my absolute favorite blogs today I found this super cool image of some bracelets:

The blog post from Free People was about their home office.  I love these posts because they are so inspiring!  I have some beads that look exactly like these & am definitely going to try to make these when I get back from Thanksgiving.  the one in the center looks like its just a wire looped at one end, beaded, then bent around something round, & looped back together from the other end.  If so, then this is a super easy bangle idea!  If I succeed, I'll share a tutorial with you.  

I have internet connection right now because I am at my parents house but when I travel to my grandmother's I am pretty sure I won't have it at all. So there will be lots of crocheting/knitting to get my yarn stash down considerably.  

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  Don't forget to stop by With Love, Crochet for gifts for the holidays!

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  1. I love the crafty look Free People too.

    Thanks for following my blog. I just checked out all three of your blogs, you are very talented!


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