DIY Inspiration for a Saturday

This weekend (well, Friday & Saturday) was spent browsing through the Etsy forums & through some of my blogs link parties to find some new & exciting inspiration.  I stumbled upon this blog Maize Hutton & instantly fell in love!

There are tons & tons of style & DIY inspiration posts here.  I am so inspired just looking at the front page!

The first thing I stumbled upon was this idea for yarn covered bangles.  A great way to use up some scraps!

Second was a super great gift presentation idea for a scarf:

This spool idea is so great! I would never wear the scarf...ok, yeah I would, but I'd put it right back on that spool when I was done!

And finally, when I thought things couldn't get better, there is a tutorial for a snazzy camera strap for him or for her:

So wonderful eh?

So please stop by Maize Hutton & grab some great inspiration.  Perfect inspiration for holiday gifts.  Which I need to really get started on.....I fear it may be too late!

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