Fan Fridays: Whats in My Bag?

I've realized lately that I've been getting loads of compliments on my bag/satchel/purse while on campus & in the art building.  I didn't realize that my bag was so interesting!  I've had it for ever! It was literally something like $4.97 at Target about four years ago.  It was the last one & I snatched it up.

Nearly everyday for the past few weeks I've heard "I love your satchel!" trailing behind me as I pass someone while rushing to class.  I think The Hangover brought that word back into existence.

Anyway, the point of this post is my love for this bag & bags this size.  They are perfect!

  1. Has 2 large front & back pockets & one large main pocket. The 2 pockets are perfect for sketchbooks, pencil cases, papers, small notebooks etc.  They also keep all the loose things separated from the big pocket.  If I keep the big pocket clear I can fit my thermos & a mug & a water bottle.  Usually its just the thermos since I can fill that with water too.  I can fit some other art supplies & what not in the big pocket too.  Usually though it's reserved for books/VHS/DVDs I have to return to the library for work.  This pocket is great when it rains.
  2. Two front pockets: one perfect for my ID, credit card, drivers license, pen, & right now linoleum cutter. One for my iPod, phone, headphones
  3. One inner zipper pocket for loose change, pencils, doo-dads, keys
  4. Two little holster things inside the big pocket: supposed to be for phone but I use it for my ID & such when I travel somewhere since they really will fall out of the front pocket if I am not careful.
  1. Because I am lazy, my ID & the like can fall out of the two front pockets
  2. not big enough for full sized documents so full papers stick out of the back pocket & get wet (like my presentation notes) in the rain.
So, pretty much I love this purse!

Here's what's in my bag 95% of the time:

Spiraling clockwise from top: Rapidash pokemon pencil case (yes, I still have this), gum & various forms of ID, two mood rings cuz I collect them, little robot, house & locker keys, eye drops, a pair of scissors, newest issue of the university news paper, little book on bookbinding stitches, note cards for my presentation, with love, crochet idea/sketchbook/goals/record-thing, a small book about paper, phone, paint chips for color references for my senior project, mailing receipt & some business cards of artists I've met, iPod & pen I helped design for work.  My thermos in the top picture is also in there.  I found it at the thrift store & cleaned it up nice.

*****EDIT: My thermos fell & the inside insulation shattered! I have no idea how it jumped from the middle of my bed to the floor! I need a new one now!*****

My sketchbook was left on my table in the ceramics room :(

I highly recommend a purse like this.  I have a smaller one that fits enough things that I use for like shopping etc so I don't have all these things falling out of my purse that I don't need.

What is your favorite bag? Do you have one that fits everything you need?

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  1. I love "what's in my purse" posts from artists and creative folks. I've edited the content of my purse greatly and I'm planning an epic "What's in my bag" post and video like the Great Nerd that I am.

    I LOVE your purse! It looks soft, comfortable, and practical. My favorite element in your purse is...your Rapidash pokemon pencil case! I still have most of my pokemon relics, I used these babies every day at school, they are all falling apart at the seams! I need to turn them into art of some kind since I can no longer use them!

    Ah, I miss school, just a bit. :) Only a bit...


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