Dorm Dec Wednesday: I can Hear the Jingle Bells!

I can not wait for the Christmas season.  I love it, love it, love it.

I don't mind when stores put out their holiday decorations right after Halloween.  For me it symbolizes the start of the Holiday transition.  I guess my favorite part of the year is from about October 15th until January 2nd.  I love the transitions of the seasons & the transition of people into a spirit of giving.  Oh, heck, I like to sing carols & I love things that sparkle too.

I was browsing through Urban Outfitters today & while I am all about a vintage Christmas, these ornaments couldn't hurt:

these mushroom ornaments are so cute!

& these gnomes! 

How great would these look on a tree?  I can not wait to start decorating.  My grandmother has already said she's set up the tree, her little snow village, & brought out the stockings.  My grandmother is one tough chick, she'll get down & dirty to make sure her house is cozy enough for Santa to come sit a spell.  She out does herself, but she just wants to make it something we want to come home to & remember from our childhood.

Believe me, because of this, I never want the holidays to end.  I'll have to take time this year to appreciate it :)

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