How I Beat the Interview Blues // A Little Secret (Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response)

So I've been introduced to this site called Influenster.  It's pretty cool & I seriously need to devote more time to it!  The break down is this: you post about what you know, give reviews, unlock badges, & apply for these things called Vox Boxes.  Every so often Influenster will offer you a chance to be a recipient of a Vox Box.  You fill out a survey to be considered for selection.  And I got picked!  You can see my little intro video here. This is the first part of a few little reviews on the products I was sent.  This box couldn't have been more perfect for me!  So, onto the post:

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I've been talking a little bit lately about my quest to find a full time job.  Most notedly, my post on Tuesday of reasons why you should hire someone with a creative degree in to your company.  I must admit, I'm a little bit rusty on the interview process.  What is your greatest weakness? I mean come on!  How fair of a question is that!?!?! Another one I don't care for is What are your salary requirements? I also don't like when that question is followed by just so we can make sure we're on the same page.  Well, tell me what page you're on so I can at least know if I'm walking into a trap!

After applying & applying (and applying, applying, applying) I've finally gotten a few calls back.  Only to be confronted with the daunting idea of an interview.  What is my greatest weakness? What are my salary requirements? It's best not to go unprepared - mentally & physically - into an interview.  When I got these calls the butterflies immediately hit me & the stress kicked in.  Here's how I try to beat the interview blues:

Know what they mean when they ask you those questions - I'm serious.  If you haven't already done so do a quick search of interview questions & etiquette.  Figure out what they are really trying to glean from your answer when they want to know your greatest weakness.  You'll have a better idea of what they may ask & a better idea of what you might say.  Of course, go into the interview as yourself, but doing this research will help you better communicate your best self.  Communication is always a plus.

Get a good night's sleep & start the morning off right - Usually I like to see if I can schedule mid-morning interviews.  I like to get up & get them over with!  Going to bed at a decent hour & waking up with enough time is always a stress reliever.  If you can't follow my lead, then just make sure you're rested.  Don't rush around trying to get to your interview.  It will only make the nerves worse!  I like to wake up, unwind, get a few things done, get ready, & go.  Fitting it into my natural routine makes it seem less like a daunting task.

Don't Sweat it - It's inevitable that you'll worry about this interview.  It's inevitable that you'll be nervous.  Those tips up there knock off half the battle but the other half is going in there confident.  I can't think of a better way to feel confident that when I know I look & smell good.  Nervousness = sweat and that can give you away.  Here's my Secret: Secret Clinical Strength.  After getting this little box to try out & being totally skeptical of it's stress response ability, I thought I'd give it a shot.  Deodorant is deodorant right? Well the serene citrus scent I had made me feel fresh, calmed me down, & made me feel ready to walk into any interview.  The scent isn't overpowering - no one can sniff you a mile away - & it keeps you fresh in these tough interview times.

Here's some more longwinded & sorta sappy advice for the road:
When it comes down to it whether you get the job or you don't get the job, the hardest part is knowing you are enough.  Yes, we need financial stability. Yes, we need to feel successful  Yes, we need to provide.  But in this time where interviews are few & far between, where you never see a face & only submit a resume, where it seems as if it's a dangerous game of chance, you are enough.  Count your blessings, think of what you have, consider how you've gotten where you are.  Seriously, at the end of it all...when I don't hear back, when I apply but never get a call, when I know my resume is being parsed by some company generated software I think of all the accomplishments in my life.  I think of all the laughs I've had, all the times I've made others laugh.  All the smiles, all the moments of happiness, & I know that I am enough.  The stress is knowing whether or not your interviewer can see what you bring to the table.  So be confident in yourself, know you are enough!

xoxo, Moe

ps.  Here are some great articles on stress relief sponsored by Secret.

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  1. As someone going through a similar situation right now, this is an amazing post, very spot on. It's hard to remember when you've been applying and applying that you are worthy, you are skilled, and you are enough. But you also have to remember that a big part of being hired is being confident enough to take on a new role at a new company. Loved this post and thanks for sharing your journey with your readers :)

    kendall from buttons & blossoms

  2. I currently have a full time job but it is not what I would like to do. I accepted the position because I had working part-time and the bills were piling. I really had no options or other opportunities. I have been looking for another position and even hoping that something else will pop up in my current company but it is very bleak.

    I finally made my decision a few months ago that I am going to start my own company. I realized that no matter where I go whether I get paid more or not I'm most likely not going to be happy because I want to be my own boss. It took me awhile to get to this point but I'm happy I did and I'm happy to start getting to work on my own company.

  3. This is such a great post! Thanks for being honest, and sharing your tips. I'm a college senior, and the butterflies are swarming around me as the nervousness creeps up with graduation. I'm applying for jobs with a positive mind, and your kind-hearted advice is much appreciated :)


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