Trend Tuesday // Very Nearly Day Glow

I am so stoked for spring.  Is it crazy weird that I'm still loving the neon trend?  I am loving the toned down look of this year less lime green & more mint, if you will....but everything has this great day glow feel.  Hello 80's.  I love it. Can't get enough!  The thing I love about fashion is using trendy pieces in your own style.  I think I tend to gravitate more towards a tribal, bohemian vibe especially in the summer - though I think I've recently gone away from it.  I love bangles piled on my arms, flowy tops, long side bags, etc.  Just love it!  So when I was putting this outfit together on Polyvore I was both surprised & not surprised that my look took on a  bohemian-ish vibe.
I think my love of bold colors came from my decision to own every color of the Mabeyline Vivid's Collection.  Seriously....I love bold & bright now!  I am going through my closet & picking out new pieces that are bright corals, mandarine oranges, and teal/mints.  I just love it!  I'm pretty sure that these colors are popular now - mints/teals, corals, & oranges - because everyone reads my blog & I've been loving these colors since January....but I'm not too upset that no one's given me credit yet.

I do think Kelly Kipowski called & she wants her shorts back but I'm pretty sure Lisa Turtle would be proud of this outfit.  I'm excited to take bolder steps in my fashion choices this Spring.  My goal is to feel good in every outfit this Spring.  To really find new pieces, if need be, that fit me great & aren't just so, so.  And to wear all the colors of my Vivid's Collection!  I've already found my favorites & when I pick out a color in the morning I tend to choose those & skip over ones that may be really awesome.  I just think that today is not the day to wear that one....when it so could be!

I also plan on bringing back outfit posts to the blog.  The cold has been my excuse but now that the days are longer & I have a reason to get dressed....I should start getting in front of the camera more.  So look for those in the future!  You'll also see a lot of day glow!

What are you looking forward to this Spring?  Are you already having warmer weather or is it still pretty chilly where you are?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. South East Michigan is so due and overcast - been trying to take photos for the old blog but it's just not happening! That or it starts showing with snow (again). I need that bright orange bag - maybe it'll pull the sun out!

  2. i'd love to see outfit photos again! i think you're style's awesome!

  3. I'm ready to put away my dark and drab clothes too! I want to break out my prints & my sundresses!! =)

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