Fan Friday #91

Friday is here, again.  I'm excited for the weekend!  Still some unpacking but hopefully some relaxing.  The March Newsletter is going to go out next week & if you haven't subscribed, click here!!  Five Sixteenths is also looking for a feature sponsor to be included in the newsletter. So check the advertise page for info.

This lovely postcard DIY over on Well, It's Ok.  Zach has these little postcard sized print things we found when unpacking books for the bookshelf.  We were talking about framing them & I love this little idea!

This post over on Lara Casey blog really blew my mind.  I love the message & all the tips.  Office hours are important to me & it's one of the first things I did.  Setting up office hours helps you designate time & not feel tossed around.  This article rocks.

I love this vase DIY from Mad in Crafts.  It's super chic!  Love the spring colors.  I can't wait to start some spring DIY's!

I can't wait to set up a little sewing nook & start sewing again.  I think I have too many hobbies!  But this little pin cushion DIY over on Dream A Little Bigger has me thinking of ides.  I'd love to make a hanging one!

Link Love
++ This post on Thriftary about email etiquette.  Please do all of these things ++

++ The pretty colors in this Home Life post over on Little Big Blog.  The purples make me smile! ++

++ With setting up my desk I've set up a little shipping station & printed labels, business cards, & thank you notes.  So any purchases from 516VINTAGE & the Five One Six shop will finally have a lovely little look! ++

++ I'm looking forward to stocking the Five One Six store more, I think I've sort of amended my idea on where I want to take Five One Six.  Can't wait for adventures! ++

++ I love these mail clip organizers.  We've got a good little system going on but I can't decide if we need to move the binder downstairs or keep it upstairs.  Guess we'll see! ++

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, Moe

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