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Currently, I'm working on balancing my new job, my old job, my life, & my hobbies.  I have to say it feels good to be bringing in a steady pay check.  I'm sad I don't get to work on what I want all day but I'm excited that I get to do things for others, interact with them, & grow professionally.  It's funny how I feel now that I've gone back to work after working on self employment.  This little self-employment stint was amazing....but I'm glad to be back with a steady pay check.  I totally have self employment in my future.  I know what I need to do, know my expenses, know what to work for.  While I've got this full time gig, I'm working on keeping this blog, the shops, etc up & running.  Change is always good.
Currently, I'm wondering why the heck it's snowing all the time.  It's hard to drive in the snow! Especially when you're not sure where you're going & when it's early in the morning.  I hope the snow fades away & spring comes very soon.

Currently, we've been working on the house more.  Putting things away, putting things together, etc.  We've gotten a lot done but there are still boxes & stuff to get put away.  We got a lot done in the living room this weekend.  In fact, I'm sitting on the couch, watching TV right now!  It feels so good to be out of our bedroom!!!  We've put up bookshelves for the movies, games, & console accessories.  It's coming along.
Currently, I'm trying to get in the habit of making my lunches all on Sunday.  Today I picked up more celery, some yogurt, salad stuff, & sandwich stuff.  I have to get up super early to be at work by 7am so I think sleeping in a little is going to happen.  I'd rather have a lunch ready than walk out the door with nothing in hand.
Currently, we're out of sugar.  I'm not sure what's going to go in my coffee tomorrow!! My job really demands coffee drinking & red bull chugging.....it's really fast paced!  One of my coworkers handed me a red bull around noon & I couldn't even stop to open it until 2pm.  Can you believe it? I think it's fun to be in that kind of environment.  I really like my job because I am a part of a team.  There is a lot of recognition, a lot of energy, & a lot of demand.  The best part is I actually see what I do get done, if that makes sense.  I work for a shipping company.  So the information I put in the computer will get scheduled, picked up, & delivered.  I'll interact with the driver & our team will move something across country or even a few miles in a day.  It's pretty cool.
New wedging table/work table.  I'll be sharing it with Zach too, but we covered it all in canvas!
Currently, I have my feet tucked under Zach's legs while we sit on the couch.  He's doing homework & we're finally able to enjoy more of our house.  Curtains are hung, things are displayed, & this week I think I'll put a few more things together/away.  I might start putting our camera collection out.  I've also got to get the clothes out of the dryer that are now probably full of wrinkles again.  Oh, and today the mirror fell off the back of the bedroom door scaring the bejesus out of Zach & I on the couch!

Currently I'd like to find more TV shows to watch on Hulu/Netflix.  I've exhausted all the Doctor Who episodes (again), started watching Medium, & am hoping there will be more episodes of Fresh Meat.  That new Vikings show on History channel is on Hulu.  I'm looking for more History channel/Discover channel type shows to watch.

Currently, I'm happy.  I like riding life's ups & downs.  Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's alright, sometimes it's amazing.  I think it's a wonderful thing to experience.....life.

This is just a bit of what I've been up to this week.  I've been going to bed around 9pm but next week I expect to be able to work on things more.  I'd love to work on a custom design for you! I just renewed some blog designs in the shop.

I hope life is treating you well.  Thanks for following this journey of mine, you all are so awesome to stop by everyday!

xoxo, Moe

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