Waking up is Hard to Do // 3 Ways I Prepare for the Day

Waking up is hard to do, especially waking up around 4:45am each morning to be at work at 7:00am.  Why wake up that early?  I don't like to rush.  (I mentioned no rushing in this post.)  I like to take my time.  But the battle with my snooze alarm has been a life long struggle.  I love sleep. LOVE IT.  If I wasn't so dedicated to doing things, sleep would win out & they'd probably make a TLC show out of my life of sleep.  Sleeping in on the weekends has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but getting up early & going to bed early during the week means I'm up by 7am on Saturday & Sunday.

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During the week my get up early time includes an hour of wake up & do stuff time and a half hour of put my face on time.  That hour is reserved for unwinding, sipping coffee, staring at the morning sky, packing up orders, etc.  I love that little hour of prepare for the day time & even though sometimes my snooze alarm wins out, I still try to wake up on the right foot.

Three ways I prepare for the day:

Sip Coffee in the Kitchen - Sometimes I turn on the coffee maker, run back to the bedroom, turn on the tv, find something to watch, run back & brew the coffee, then settle back in bed.  Sometimes that makes me sleepier.  So I'll make my coffee & enjoy it in the kitchen or at the dinning room table.  This little contemplation time just gives me a little me time when it comes to starting the day.  I can think about the day or think about my coffee.....just some me time.  I love me time!  

Read the News - I don't know if this was some grown-up secret, reading the news, but I find it a great way to start the day.  I don't really go through the news paper but rather the news on Google.  I like reading science articles, health articles, & articles on discoveries and advancements.  It makes me feel like I'm waking up to an awesome world of discovery.  I avoid things that may make me angry - politics or articles on crime.  I'll read those on my lunch break!  It's just nice to see what's going on in the world I'll be apart of today.  Plus I'll feel really smart if I get to share what I read or join in on a conversation about it!

Snuggle Time - How lucky I am to have a guy that sometimes gets admin days to stay home & work on his finance report, time sheets, emails, conference calls, & loose ends.  Sometimes he gets up early to head off somewhere & sometimes he leaves after me.  This means that sometimes I can snag a little more snuggle time.  Since we're both adjusting to both having a work schedule that wears us out.  So just a little more snuggling does wonders for the both of us.

Mornings are slowly becoming my favorite & waking up early during the week means I wake up early on the weekends.  While I'm sad my guilty pleasure of sleeping to an unreasonable hour is being interrupted, I guess it feels good to be working again!  A great little hour of me time in the morning really prepares me for the day.

How do you get ready to face the day?  What are your wake up secrets?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. My day always starts with a coffee (or tea) a bowl of porriage and listening to NPR whether it's Michigan Radio or our local station WDET. My husband normally gets up at 6 - like you it takes him an age to wake and he's normally gone by the time I wake up so it's always morning snuggles with the kitties.

  2. My biggest wake up secret is to have a little one. Ha. You won't have to worry about going back to bed, or falling back to sleep. She or he won't let you!

    But in all reality, I try to make it so I don't feel like I need to go near the bed. I try to brew up some coffee and wash my face with some cold water. Anything to actually wake me up.


  3. Right now I'm the worst person in the morning. I just moved in with my boyfriend and he literally leaves me 10 minutes of shower/make-up/hair straightening time. Due to his adventures in the bathroom for an hour in the morning I sleep that extra hour so pretty much I'm a groggy mess. He does though what you do...he wakes up, enjoys a 30 minute program to unwind & prepare for the day, & then gets ready. I think I need to start enjoying that sip of coffee more & waking up earlier because it does seem to give you a refreshing start of the day!

    Ah sorry I wrote a book comment! Thanks for the morning routine revamp inspiration! =)

    Ergo - Blog


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