February Tights Challenge Week #4 - Final Link Up

I have to admit you guys...this was the HARDEST challenge I've ever done.  It was about a week & a half that I thought "ummmm...I'd really like to wear the rest of my wardrobe!" I just have so many ideas about clothes that it's hard to decide to wear tights everyday.

I also didn't think about how many skirts/dresses I had to be able to wear tights.  I'd end up recycling dresses & skirts...and I didn't like that I could wear so much more.  I caved two times but then I incorporated leggings like so many did in the flickr group.

I do want to thank everyone who added to the group, you all were so awesome!  This is the most interesting photo from the group:

from Christina of Accomplishing Motherhood

I also apologize for the lack of my own pictures being added.  I will definitely think harder about challenges in the future.  

Alright so everyone link up your tights!

PS. Don't forget to check out the link parties in the Side Bar or click here!

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