Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Crocheted Tawashi - little dish scrubbie

So I don't usually post patterns here but since Five Sixteenths is all about life style & I posted a while back about wanting to be a little bit more sustainable, I thought I would share this.

I don't know about you, but I like to have a clean smelling sponge or rag when I go to wash dishes.  If I think the sponge has been sitting there a bit too long or even if I think it has a funny smell...I will toss it out.  At my parent's house, we always used rags or dish cloths to wash the dishes but when I went to college everyone seemed to use sponges.  And it seemed a lot easier because everyone would mix up which was the dishes rag & which was the clean the tables rag.  With sponges, the color is easier to decide which is which..or you know that the sponge is dishes & the rag is wipe down.

I've always liked to use dish rags since I am iffy about the smells.  You can just throw a dish rag in the washer with the towels & it's brand new.  Sponges just get thrown out left & right!  I've found this cute little pattern for a scrubber made from acrylic yarn on Re-Nest.

you can grab the pattern & learn a bit about it here

I also like this little guy too:

How cute would this look hanging from your towel rack?
I am so into decorating kitchen ware lately.  
I should go grab all our dish towels & embroider something on them!

Do you have any kitchen favorites? Things you could never live with out....or wish you could?

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