Make it Mondays: Birdcage Veils

One of my close friends is getting married in a year & we spent this past weekend looking at headpieces, beads, & lace deciding on how she would like her headpiece.  Her main color is deep plumb & her dress is pure white. She is a very understated person in her jewelry & doesn't plan on wearing much. She is only going to wear her engagement ring & some of her grandmother's jewelry.  This simple & understated style is going through all of her wedding attire.  She's opted for a simple headpiece instead of a veil & her dress is super sleek.

To incorporate something blue into her wedding, she's decided on subtle blue beading on her headpiece.  All Saturday we looked at beads, lace, flowers, pearls, & etsy for some inspiration.  This is what I am looking at to incorporate into her headpiece:

flowers like this
tutorial on Make it Do

or these (miniature of course) 

I like the bead on this one
the beads will be the something blue

look at these assorted flowers from Cosa Verde

This blue is the color of the beads
though I think these paper flowers would be perfect as part of her headpiece!

a little bit of this going on...
since she doesn't want a full out veil, I asked her if I could incorporate
a little bit of a traditional veil with some birdcage lace (is that what it's called??)

and look at this great vintage lace. 
I don't think she'd like to see too much of this....but I have some.
we'll see what happens.
this image is from a great tutorial here about decorated bird cages
I think those birdcages would look great as wedding decor!

I am super excited to embark on this adventure with her!  I am also slowly trying to convince her to let me do some center pieces & save the date cards.  I love weddings :)

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