Fan Fridays: I Feel Like Cinderella

In two weeks I get to go to a formal black tie event at our local art gallery for the university I go to! I am so super excited!
I feel like this:

I get to go because I am on the school's certified 15 passenger bus driver list & am friends with the other person driving the bus.  She can't drive for a few of the hours on the day of the event so I get to drive!

I really want to wear a pair of these:

The party involves guests wearing black & white while mingling with themselves & living paintings!! Certain art students (& other students) auditioned to be painted up & dressed up & to stay in character all night.  So not only will I be hanging out with some friends I'll be semi talking to characters.  So Great!!!  Pop over to Cross My Hooks for an outline some paintings/photographs/etc that will come to life.

This weekend I am going to look for a dress to wear, hopefully on the cheap.  But if I had a million dollars, I'd do this:

Vintage Wedding Gown from Chiffon Lounge

Tea Length Wedding Dress from Cupids Arrow
(even though I am pretty sure this isn't suited for an evening function)
or pretty much any dress form this shop.
please, please, please click the link..you will fall in love!!

These rad shoes if I had a floor length dress
we aren't supposed to wear color so "the paintings" are the focus

I can't wait to go find a dress.  I am so excited.  woo hoo!!

PS. Don't forget to check out the link parties in the Side Bar or click here!

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