Make It Mondays: DIY Painted Glassware

I am so inspired by the painted pottery at places like Anthropologie.  My visit to a store this weekend really inspired me.  I've always loved their sense of pattern & decor.  Its classy & playful.

every item is carefully placed but looks like a well loved living area.
Shelves look like a home, clothing racks like organized closets, it's all so inspiring!

Being taken with nearly everything in the store, I started to focus on the pottery & dishware in the store. I love the summery & vintage feel.  I've recently invested in some porcelain paint pens & pottery/glass paint.  I've experimented with it on mugs but I'd really like to try it on glassware.

I'd like to try it on glass ware like this from Anthropologie:

or these vintage from etsy:

I have a book of floral motifs that I will probably use.  I have a friend's wedding coming up & I think my mother would really love some too.

Are there any projects you want to try that you've been recently inspired to figure out?  I love finding new things...now if I could only find the time!!

Happy Monday!

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