Welcome to the New Blog

This might be too long of a post to get to the short of it but:

Welcome to the new Five Sixteenths!
I think I may have cured my BLADD
(see entry below)
Here's the new Five Sixteenths for hopefully a long bit of time
I just really like to redesign my blog

First off, let me say, I've totally grown so much as a blogger. When I first started blogging I used a regular 'ol blogger template.  I learned a bit of html & just posted however I felt like.  There was no consistency, no coherent color, theme, or typeface for that matter.  All the images & links were very....horrible!

I used MS paint for all my 'graphics', weird & obscure patterns that didn't make sense, & I even think papyrus made a debut in my first ever etsy button & banner.  Yikes!

Now, while I am no means a pro-blogger, I really, really love doing it & I really love being inspired by all the other blogs that I love.

Here's what I've learned:

  • Blogging is about learning.  Learning how to be yourself, make friends, & become who you want to become.
  • Your blog layout & style should reflect you and the layout/style will change.  Change is alright, just avoid BLADD (keep reading) & nothing is permanent.  There is no need trying to be another type of blogger if you aren't.
  • you should have too bad of a case of Blog Layout ADD (or as I call it BLADD).  I have to admit, I do have this but it's getting better.  I think my BLADD stems from the fact that I feel I am growing so rapidly as a blogger.  
  • Consistency is key.  Have a theme, a few colors, complimentary typefaces (I am no genius at that either), & a way to create buttons, banners, etc.  
  • You don't have to have awesome design skills, a degree in graphic design, & bazillion dollar software to make a cool looking blog.
  • You do need to have an eye for 'good design' & be willing to experiment.  I try my hand at recreating things or figuring out how something was done just for practice.  I took one graphic design class while in school & it exposed me to new things.  It was a great experience. I learned a lot about planning &  laying things out before getting started.
  • All you really need is Picnik, something like Picasa, & a place to make boxes of color (like publisher). Sometimes I make an entire button in publisher.  It's sorta kinda like, yet really not at all like, InDesign.
  • Patience is the best part & the worst part.
  • Do not negatively compare yourself to blogs you look up to.  You wouldn't have started a blog if you didn't think you had something worthy to say.  So if you feel like you don't know what to do.....contact a blogger that you look up to.  You will probably get an excited response because guess what we all started there!  I am not sure about anyone else, but I am always surprised to know people read my blogs!
  • Do positively compare yourself to bloggers you look up to.  Think about how human you are, how human they are & how by blogging & commenting you are making new friends!  
  • Be honest.  Tell your readers about yourself (not too much though, be safe kids), share your ideas & things you love.  You are making friends & people want to be your friend!  I recently admitted to caving on the Tights Challenge by wearing jeans one day.  Sometimes you just can't do it & you need to take a break.  So let your readers know that they are important by being honest with them.
  • Have fun.  No one knows the absolute total rules of blogging. I don't really think there are any except: play nice, leave sources as best you can, contact the people you source, & don't outright present an idea as your own when it's not.

So that's it.  For the month of March & for probably a while, this is the new blog layout. Happy Wednesday!

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