Tempted Tuesdays: Chemistry Inspired Dorm Room

My sister is heading off to her first year of college in August.  Hooray dinning hall food, floor parties that keep you up, room mates, studying (or no studying), library books, & cramped spaces.  Since I am pretty much set on things that I need for school, this is what I would buy her:

  1. Test tube inspired organizer
  2. Molecular bond inspired hanging photo clip.  To make or to buy, that is the question??
  3. Chemistry/beaker inspired modern yellow bottles/vases from mascarajones etsy shop.  My sisters favorite color is yellow so these are perfect!
  4. A molecular inspired over the door hook
  5. This trompe l'oeil brick rug/mat
  6. And finally, a periodic table of elements shower curtain
Can you guess what she is studying? Yes it is a science.  She is studying chemistry! I know, what a kook huh? She is really good at sciences & loves chemistry.  In fact I know she wrote a lot of her college application essays on her studies in science. 

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  1. Nice selection. Studying chemistry?? Hmm, I just don't get it. :-) Always been an artsy gal myself....more power to her!!


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