Dorm Dec Wed: Thrifted Finds

Today I thought I'd feature some fun thrifted items I've picked up recently.  The first is a mustard yellow coffee pot I found at a junk shop that I frequent nearly everyday.  I go mostly to look but also mostly to buy & I've passed this beauty on the shelf many, many times.  I told my self "If its there next time, get it." & its been next time for about 3 months now. Surprised each time I go back that it is still there, I finally picked it up.

I still haven't cleaned it really well but I am still working at school so theres no need to spiffy it up just yet.  I am going to use it as a necklace/bracelet holder most likely.  (Have I mentioned my love of dishware?)

Second find (or finds) of mine are thrifted plates.  In Sunday's post about the cake stands I mentioned using some of my dishware stash & old candle sticks.  These plates are going to make three different cake stands.

I bought some E6000 yesterday & am experimenting right now to see if it will work correctly.  The top one is for me, the middle one is for my mother (or myself), & the bottom plate (which is slightly visible) has a matching smaller plate to make a two teared stand for my mother as well.

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  1. Great use for it!!! THanks for linking up and following! I am following you back.
    Bonnie :)

  2. THose plates are just perfect!


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