Make It Mondays: Sticks, Stones & Paper

So since I didn't finish up some things I said I was going to do last week (my last week of work is here, now for two weeks of crafting & no packing!), some things from last weeks Make It Mondays! are carrying over.  Visit that post for the links to the first three things in the list.

  1. First, I hope I can get done some magazine coasters as well as some magazine place mats.  I think those would be cool to have on our table next year. (Fun fact, my apartment last year didn't have room for a dining room table so my room mate & I often sat on the floor around our coffee table.  Talk about bad posture!)
  2. I am going to hopefully make a magazine basket, but since I already have the newspaper basket done I am not quite sure how I feel about it.  I need to style it up some to see what I can use it for.
  3. The paper wall medallion will be finished.  I re-read the post on craftster & now I think I've got it!
  4. These painted sticks: 

These painted sticks I saw over on the Free People Blog have inspired me to paint this ridiculous piece of wood I snagged at the end of the year from someone who didn't want it.  I think someone was going to use it in a mixed media project but ended up scrapping it.  I want to paint it and put some hooks in it to use it as a jewelry holder.  (I know, like i need more) 

This week should (hopefully) go by fast. I am ready to get home to see my pup again! He's my parents' dog...but him & I have a special bond.  After me pretty much taking care of him one summer I am in his top 3 favorite people :)

What are you up to this week?

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  1. So cute! I love these too. I could totally see making a mobile out of them and some cool shells or beads


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