Tempted Tuesday: More Dishware

My Grandmother's plates have been the staple in my home for close to three years.  When she passed them down to me I felt honored to hold something we all shared so many meals on. Now that I have one more year until I head out on my own I am considering creating memories of my own on my own dishware.  Don't get me wrong, those dishes are still near & dear to my heart but Target has some that I am even more tempted to buy.  I don't plan on spending any money on them now, & will probably continue to use my Grandmother's dishes until the end of time, but who knows? Anyone smell a gift in the air?

image from Target.com

These dishes are in guacamole.  Isn't that just the bee's knees? Guacamole! The picture doesn't do it justice, they really are chartreuse, & I mean chartreuse!

Are you looking for more dishware? 

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  1. lovely!!!!! I love guacamole... so anything that reminds me of guacamole is awsome!!!! hahahahah

    and thank you for visiting my blog =)


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