Fan Fridays: Thrift Store Refashion

I love fashion & I love the thrift store.  I would much rather spend a day thrifting than doing anything else. I get so bummed when I realize that I can't afford or shouldn't buy things from the thrift store.  I like to save a few bucks by shopping there first, but I like to save even more bucks by not buying anything at all (unless its a super good deal and I have 59 cents in my purse or something!)

Mainly, I like to look good on a small budget and love to have some DIY-ed pieces to my wardrobe.  There is also just something about a worn in, well loved, second hand item.

DIY ALERT: keep reading after the image to see how to make the tank & denim skirt!
  1. Bag: to me the most important part of an outfit is the bag.  I love large bags! Large bags carry everything you need for the day.  Finding a large bag in the thrift store can be hard. A lot of the bags I've seen are super, super tiny but its possible.  Even though it isn't thrift, you can also try discount stores for nice big bags.  I have a fairly decent one I bought at Wal-Mart on sale (There is only a wal-mart in my college town) and its nice.
  2. Jewelry: This bracelet set is something easily made from any old/broken necklaces/bracelets you might have laying around.  If you don't have any, thrift stores always have a section of jewelry.  See if you can find a bag of odds & ends or a necklace with beads you may love but a style that's out.  Does your thrift store have a craft section? See if you can find some left over craft supplies like embroidery floss or yarn to bead them on for an even better handmade look.
  3. Shoes: These sandals are something that I am sure are a staple in a summer wardrobe.  If looking for frugal, one pair from a TJ Maxx or Marshall's will last you. Other wise, you can find a few pairs of these (if you don't have huge feet like I do) at thrift stores for a few bucks sometimes.  
  4. DIY Tank: This tank is super easy to make: find a t-shirt that's a size or two bigger than your actual size & check that craft section of the thrift store for a piece of rope (or braid many strands of yarn together to create a colorful look).  Cut the shirt on the lines shown in this image.  Fold over the top of the neckline & sew together leaving the ends open, repeat on back, do not connect front & back.  Thread the rope or braided yarn through the front & around to the back.  Try the shirt on to adjust the straps, tie (double knot is best) the rope/yarn to one shoulder.  Add wooden beads if you'd like.
  5. DIY Skirt: This skirt can be made from an old denim shirt: Grab an old denim shirt & some elastic that is about an inch thick long enough to fit slightly snug around your waist (you want to make sure the skirt will stay up as the elastic will be the waistband) .  Measure from underarm to underarm to make sure the length doubled will fit around your waist (see this image) & from underarm to the bottom of the skirt so it is long enough to wear. Cut along dotted line in image, fold over about an inch, pin and sew.  Make sure you leave an opening to thread the elastic through.  Thread the elastic using a safety pin as a needle to shimmy the elastic all the way through.  Make sure one end stays out of the waistband.  When the first end comes back around, sew the two ends together, tuck in the elastic, and finish sewing. (if it is too ruffly or pleated, take in the sides)
  6. Long Skirt: I am a fan of these long summery skirts.  I've found a ton in fun prints all over the thrift stores.  It is the one thing I look for every time I go!
Here are Some Parts of my wardrobe that parallel this thrift refashion post:

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that is an absolute go to?  Do you find yourself wearing it everyday??

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday's! I love thrifting as well and I'm always on the look out for a good deal!




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