Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Budding Baritsa

I have fallen back in love with coffee! I used to be so picky about what I drank, how it was made, & where it came from.  For a long time (up until probably a month ago) I was sure I could only have a great cup of coffee if & only if it was made by my hand.  Now I enjoy (far too often) a coffee from our campus' local coffee shop. Its cute, a bit over priced, but delicious.  I still enjoy a nice cup of homemade coffee & here are some ideas for the budding baritsa in all of us:
  1. This Coffee Carafe & Cream Pitcher from beppiebags 
  2. A few decorative coffee cans from emmylucy
  3. These mod coffee mugs (in six colors, get that!) from SunnyDayVintage
  4. This Maxwell House Peculator in MrsRekamepip's shop
  5. These 1960's Canisters from TotallyVintage's shop
  6. This typography word art sign from WallBling
I already mentioned my coffee carafe/tea pot in mustard yellow I am using to hold my jewelry.  And I do have an assortment (a large one) of coffee mugs.  I wonder if my roommates next year would mind if I showed up with too much coffee memorabilia??

What is a kitchen trend or item you must have??

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