Ending the Week in Style

My summer job is almost wrapping up.  My staff leaves tomorrow & we leave on the 3rd.  Its been a crazy good summer!

I am thinking about moving home for two weeks, moving my sister into her dorm at college & moving myself in to my apartment.  I still have to pack up my room from work!  I need to go through a whole mess of stuff to see what I need to put in my storage unit, what I need to bring home, & what I flat out need to get rid of.  Does anyone have any packing tips? Any tips on throwing things out?  I am such a keeper of things! My mother is that way too.  I just don't see the reason in  throwing it away if its still good.  I have a chair that belonged to my father in college (it is ugly and brown...why do I still have it?), I have a lamp my mother gave me that her mother gave her, my tv looks like a computer monitor & has a VHS player in it because I got it when I was in 8th grade.  I just keep everything!  

I also just wanted to share an image of my bedroom from last year:

As you can see I preferred a messy bed to a made one :)  Sorry the image is so dark, I have no idea why I took it to begin with.  That lamp is the one my mother gave to me & my father's chair was in our living room.  

I will see ya tomorrow with a new Fan Fridays!

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