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Since I've been in Michigan I've been working hard on spreading around the Five Sixteenths brand as well as focusing on developing a solid online store front.  Honestly, I never thought I'd be trying to do as much as I have been doing right now!  But I wanted to let you know where you can find Five Sixteenths goodies currently & in the future.

Right now the main store front is on Etsy.  Five Sixteenths on Etsy includes knitwear, pottery, & design.  I am working towards launching a fully custom store front to bring the brand into a more cohesive look between the blog & the shop.  516 is a lifestyle brand: a creative blend of art & life.  Soon to be across the front page of the new shop is the following description:
516 is a brand that provides you with things to wear, things to use, & things to do.  Lovely, unique jewelry & knitwear, handmade stoneware pottery, simple design, & creative classes are the essences of the Five Sixteenths shop.

Stemming from my inability to sit still & need to be working on something at all times, I decided to throw in some creative online & PDF based creative classes to be completed at your own pace.  The first of these eCourses is the Blogging 101 eBook to be launched in September.  Sign up for the newsletter to get access to a super secret Chapter 0 to see what all the fuss is about!

For now, you can shop on Etsy but I'll be moving to this new storefront after the holidays.  I'd love it if you help clear out stock for me (wink, wink).  You can use the code FALL12 for 15% off your knitwear purchase too!

The second place you can find Five Sixteenths goodies is on Society6.  If you follow me on Pinterest you'll see I have a board labeled Hello Monday.  This board is where I pin inspirational quotes that I take a peak at when I'm feeling down...or on Mondays!  I found out about Society6 a long while ago but didn't decide to start it up until we took our trip to the Coast Guard Festival.  

Wanting to design some inspirational prints & posters for my studio I thought about what I could do with them besides have them sit on my computer after I have them printed.  So I decided to share them with you on Society6.  I love a little pick me up & a pretty poster.  I used to cover my mirror in sticky notes with inspirational quotes handwritten across them to get me through tough times.  A pretty poster for my wall is much better than that now!

Now for a sneak peak into the new storefront like I promised yesterday, somethings are gonna change but this is the gist of it:
I've been playing around with the code in Storenvy & it's taken me all week but I finally have it down & I am so excited.  I want to move from etsy super soon....but am not sure if I should.  I've already paid all the fees, etc.

So there you have it, two ways to shop Five Sixteenths goodies.  In September there will a third way with the launch of the 516VINTAGE shop! Check out more about that here.

Where can I find you at? Do you have an etsy shop?

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  1. the new storefront is amazing! i am starting a storenvy, but i haven't played around in the code at all - i wasn't totally aware you could (i obviously haven't poured my time into it at all!) looks great

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway


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