Etsy vs Storenvy // What do you Think?

So I've been talking a lot this week about the switch I am ultimately going to make from etsy to storenvy after the holidays.  I've spend a crazy amount of time working on the storenvy storefront, customizing, etc & have actually taken the big step in adding items to the shop.  The shop isn't live yet & that is where you come in:

Should I switch to storenvy now (before the holidays) or switch when I've planned to (after the holidays)?

Here's what I've been thinking, the pros & cons if you will:

- already a part of a growing handmade market place
- have been on etsy for years (people know where to find 516)
- already have a group of people that have favorited things
- popular place others search for handmade items & I'll show up in those searches
- already paid a butt load in listing fees + I am adding things for the holiday season
- don't really have to do too much promoting, etsy sort of does it (kind of)

- overtime, those fees add up (oh yeah they do)
- .etsy.com domain is more recognizable than .storenvy.com domain
- not customizable
- not even sure if this marketplace is helping me make sales
- seems to be doing better for blog designs than other things (jewelry & crocheted things)

- FREE (listing, no expiration, etc)
- ultimate customization
- chance to build a better, cohesive look
- fits in with the 516 brand
- can have multiple categories & put things in multiple categories - more organized
- grown up step for 516

- switching may be bad for holiday sales as I am moving, how will others know?
- do people search storenvy like they search etsy?
- how will I show up in google searches? Google is hardly ever in my stats on etsy anyway!
- would have to do more independent advertising

So I want to know from you: Do you think it's a smart move to just switch now (or soon) or should I hang on for a bit until after the holidays?

I also have more things I'd like to list on etsy for the holidays, but I'm not sure if it's worth it! gah, this is hard!

I do have a few more bugs to figure out that I may be able to figure out before September since I'd probably switch over then.  I've also gotten some wonderful tips from yesterdays post that I can't wait to incorporate in the future!  

For me, all things are pointing to waiting....especially if I am relying on these holiday sales.  But if you were in my position...

What would you do?

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  1. I would have both, at least to start with. Hedge your bets a bit. Then when you've tried them you can decide. I agree the customisation is tempting, but I don't think Storenvy gets the same kind of traffic as Etsy.


  2. Hi Moe!

    This is Adam, Storenvy's Community Manager. Just saw your post and wanted to drop you a line! Let me know if you have any questions at all, but it sounds like you have done your homework!

    That being said you are more than welcome to have both a Storenvy and a Etsy store. We also now have an Etsy importer that can help you port over your products if that helps at all!


    Hope to see you on Storenvy!

  3. So, as you can see, the above comment is why I really like storenvy! It's so much more personalized than etsy. And yes, I occasionally get random traffic from etsy, but with the right advertising, your storenvy can be just as great. I have really liked Storenvy so far!!


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