Fan Friday #69 // In a Crochet Daze

First I wanna say that I was caught red handed yesterday trying to suggest a neutral color palette in our bedroom to Zach.  As soon as I started saying something about it he said 'why, so you can put pink everywhere?'  Immediately I knew he'd read yesterday's post.  Can't get anything past that guy!! :)

If there is one thing I've learned about myself after being alive 24 years, its that I can't sit still.  I always have to be making something.  Since I've been back in Michigan, I've been crocheting away like the good old days.  Keeping my hands busy is something I have to do.  Ever since I was little I always had to be making something...it just kept my mind & my hands occupied.  I can't just sit & watch TV, I can hardly sit still enough to read a book, I have to be making.  So now that I have my hook in hand again I've been thinking about tackling some bigger projects: blankets & throws.  Not only do I want some nifty ones for our new home (back to the bedroom color palette!) but I also want to make some for the shop.  I've been loving just making & making & making....

one two three four

modern patchwork - Making a zillion tiny granny squares is something I like to do to use up scrap yarn.  Since I also get bored if I use one color for too long, switching it up always helps me finish a project.  This modern, cross like patchwork blanket is super great.  I love the color palette & it can really spice up a room.

apartment living - Speaking of spicing up a room, if you live in an apartment (like I've been accustomed to) adding a colorful crochet throw can bring color into your room.  You can't paint the walls & you can't put holes in 'em either so bringing color into your apartment this way ensures you'll get your deposit back.  It's also great for dorms, you're supplied furniture but the way you dress it can give you a personal look!

modern granny - This is what I am working on now.  I fell in love with that picture & the blue colored yarn.  Not only does the blue accent go well over that bright orange but the open weave gives you a more modern, casual look.  I am hoping that I can convince Zach to do a neutral bedding & then add a pop of color with the throw.  Since he likes dark colors I am thinking about a gray bedspread, white/lighter grey sheets, black accent pillow cases, black crochet throw, & then a pop of color.  We'll see!

combining stitches - Not only is this granny square blanket joined together seemingly seamlessly, it looks as if the first few rows are double crochet & the last row is a treble crochet.  This creates a great visual texture & that mustard color gets me every time! Once the individual squares area ll together adding a blanket stitch instead of a crocheted edging finishes it off in a unique way!

Link Love
++ this tutorial for making a crocheted basket it super awesome.  I never would have thought to make a basket that way.  I was thinking about using macrame cord to make a crocheted table runner or placemats.  What do you think?++

++You should definitely check out that patchwork pattern up close to see the edging detail!++

++This blanket is knit but I love the joining idea: two large halves joined by a stitch.  I'd make that stitch like a neon color!++

Happy Friday y'all! What do you have planned for this weekend?

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