Sum Up Sunday #62

This week I spent visiting my aunt while she was in Indiana for work.  When I got back in town Zach suggested we take a little camping trip down by the pond.  Zach set up a little campfire, I helped set up the tent, we cooked some bratwurst, & enjoyed the stars.  I had a rough time sleeping on the ground but this is what we woke up to:
Then we decided to head to the zoo.  I love the zoo, it's one of my favorite placed to go.  The John Ball Zoo had a lot of different habitats than the Norfolk Zoo.  They had an Aquarium! Oh, and a lot of reptiles!  Reptiles & amphibians are my favorite to learn about.  I never get tired of walking through the habitats in the Norfolk zoo & we used to go a lot: for school, with family, etc.  I still love it!  At the John Ball Zoo, I saw a Rattle Snake for the first time. Oh, and those really pretty yet poisonous frogs, too!  I feel like a child, I love the zoo so much!
The also released Monarch Butterflies on the hour.  We didn't stay to see them but there sure were a lot of them flying around.  They were very pretty.
Overall it was a good relaxing week.  Now to get cracking on more things like the ebook, shop, etc.  Can't wait to get this all squared away.  Oh, and it seems the house is coming a long quite nicely.  Can't wait for that too!!

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  1. I love the idea of camping, maybe I will try that.
    the last photo is my favorite, butterflies are so cute and something spiritual.


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