Sum Up Sunday #61

Well this is a late one here guys....I sat down to write this post at about 1pm & it's now nearly 7pm.  What was I doing? Customizing my Storenvy storefront! I've succeeded in making it look like a real shop, y'all.  Like a real one!  I am so excited & may end up moving things over to storenvy before I've planned.  I've already paid so many etsy fees because I've been listing & listing & listing....but this new front just look so personal.  It has taken me nearly all week to do but I feel so proud!  You'll get a sneak peak shortly, promise.  Here's what the week looked like:

I was lucky enough to have Zach home all week so we cooked together each night.  We have been trying to catch the sales at the local grocery store every Sunday & last week we caught some good ones.  Lemons weren't on sale but they were like .79 cents so I grabbed up 4.  One was reserved for Lemon Chicken and the others I snacked on.  I love cutting up lemons & eating them.  So sour & so yummmy!

Today, we caught a crazy awesome 10 for $10 sale where you could mix & match any 10 items for the deal.  I only fancy-cook (or cook as regular people call it) when Zach is here because it's such a hassle to do by yourself.  With two people clean up, cutting, & cooking is much easier.  So there will be limited fancy-ness this week.

Friday night was date night & we went to such a delicious chinese food place.  It. Was. SO. GOOD. Best I've ever had!  I enjoy when Zach is home over the weekends & I've never really had weekends where I just do nothing.  Usually weekends are full of working on shop things...by Friday I am done & just want quality time!  Trying to work on the shop(s), blog, etc over the week has really created a work week for me.  I love that I am able to do what I love but I am still not seeing the return I'd like.  Struggling to figure out more things I can do is something I am going to work towards here before the end of August.  I'd really like to make this work! Like...so much! (obviously!)

Driving to Starbucks the other day, out of our little bit of nowhere, I was taken by surprise to see how lovely the skies in Michigan are.  I mean, look at those clouds.  Then when we were driving back from the house inspection I made the remark to Zach that Michigan is pretty much all sky.  I feel like where I was in VA there were lots of trees or buildings or something...but here you can see everything from everywhere.  It's nice.  I guess it's just where we are -city vs. country- but it is beautiful.

Yesterday we had the home inspection & as if the process isn't hard enough....we were disappointed again.  We've got some things that need to be worked out, and not on our end.

Then we stopped a a fireworks store & picked up some crazy fireworks.  I've never shot off fireworks before so shooting them over the pond in the backyard seemed like a fun idea...little did I know it would be terrifying!  Those. Things. Go. BOOOM!!  I think I shouted every time because each time it startled me! We had a campfire, s'mores, & lit off about 12 or so fireworks.  Pretty nifty.

Well, I have to say that this week was super productive & I'm proud.  I'll be hold up at my new fave Starbucks tomorrow enjoying a coffee & a muffin.  I like doing that because it starts off my work week & I have to get up for something.  Last week I was at Starbucks 2 (maybe 3) times.  I don't want to overstay my welcome though...do people really go there everyday??

Hope your week was wonderful...I am going to do some planning for this week & enjoy some time at home.  I also did so many chores today: dishes, grocery shopping, vacuum, laundry, fold the laundry.  Productive.

Happy Sunday evening!

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  1. looks lovely. i love relaxing and productive weekend

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. Obrigada por compartilhar conosco. Deus a abençoe!


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