Where to Find Me

With all the hub-ub of GFC going away for non-blogger hosted blogs (I know, tardy to the party, since it goes away tomorrow!) I thought I'd share where else you can find me.  I am hosted on blogger so you shouldn't have to worry too much about losing my daily dose of blog-tastic posts.  Here is a giant list of where you can find me & Five Sixteenths in bright (eye burning) green.  Sorry, I really loved the color though!  I hope you're eyes don't melt too much.  Don't go all Raiders of the Lost Ark on me.....
Picnik collage Blog Lovin Newsletter Artist Website Etsy Pinterest Instagram Twitter Picnik collage

Leave your respective links in the comments & I'll check you out!

Happy Wednessday!


  1. going to follow you on twitter :)

  2. This is such a cute way to display them all!
    I'm @TieDyeTequila on Twitter
    elizastclair on Instagram
    Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/estclair/
    and I blog at http://asteroid-325.blogspot.com!
    Speaking of the blog, I have a handmade giveaway happening on there today :)
    xo! eliza

  3. These buttons are super cute! I was just going to come over here and say, "You should be a graphic designer!" then I looked over on your sidebar and saw your "Need something designed?" button. Lol. I'm observant, yes I am. ;P

    You can find me here:
    {Blog} {Twitter} {Etsy} {Pinterest} {Tumblr}


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