Tempted Tuesday // Geode Love

I've recently been really into the look of geodes.  I love the rough cut look but the real thing can be expensive!!!  I've found an alternative in the awesome & affordable chain accessory stores in the mall.

You may know that I used to work for Claire's while in college.  It was the best place to work & I am still hoping to be employed there again sometime soon!  A while ago I found a brown geode necklace & ring on sale & snatched them up.  The ring had a stretchy band, so I don't wear it quite as much because I really prefer metal adjustable bands.  But the necklace is great for creating a natural, earthy look.  The ring was probably originally around $6 & the necklace around $12....but I scored them at 50-75% off.

Let me make an aside right quick: I hardly ever pay full price for things unless I think the full price is fair & reasonable for the item.  For example, the rings listed below I paid or would pay full price for because I think that it's a pretty reasonable price.  I would have rather bought them on sale since I know Claire's/Icing always have great sales.  Any sterling silver jewelry I buy is nearly always buy one get one free or buy one get one half off.  Sales are your friend as well as thrift stores.  The majority of my wardrobe was bought on sale.

Rings // Icing & Charming Charlie's
Dresses //Spotted Moth & Topshot
Other outfit details on Polyvore, see full set here
The perfect natural inspired outfits for play & for work.

On another note, I had to call in sick to to work today because my back is still killing me! I hate missing work, I am such a worry wart.  One, I feel like nothing will get done or something will happen & they won't be able to get by with out me & two, I feel guilty for feeling bad.  I try to convince myself it's not as bad as it is but then I end up feeling worse if I force myself.  So I guess it's one more day in bed for me.

Do you love geodes? What are you transitioning into Spring?

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