Fan Fridays // Keep on Keeping on

Friday is for favorites & this Friday I am sharing a few new things (like my new endeavor), but mainly some things I've loved for quite some time (Hippos mostly, but also Rocky Horror!)

There are plenty of things I am loving this week, mainly the things I love are the new lovely ladies I've met through helping them install their customized pre-made themes they picked out from the shop!  I am so excited to have learned so much from them as well as help them spiffy up their blogs.

The first was City Dwellin' & she chose the Layer Me Softly Template:

And the second was Midwesternita who chose to upgrade her color palette for the Melon Baller Theme:

It was so much fun to work with each of them as we back & forthed through email.  I learned a lot working with them & I hope they learned a bit too!  I have one more blog in the works that hopefully will be fully launched here oh so soon!

Other things I am loving this week:

This way too cool linocut planner DIY from Two Happy Hearts
I am so in love with linocuts.  I need to break out the linoleum blocks!

This shop The Good Machinery has some great painted animals!
Last Friday I posted for the first time about cool little animals.
You know I need the hippo one...

Here's another Hippo print I found three seconds ago from Wild Life Prints.
I really do love hippos

This ring...my love for geodes & geode looking things continues

And this cool iPhone case
this is one of those times that I don't have the original source :(

I seriously can't believe it's Friday.  This week seemed to fly by! Even though I've been in pain this whole week (still in pain right now) I've been very productive. 

On Sunday, Zach & I are going to see my Alma Matter's production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show & I can not wait!!  I remember being in high school & going to see it with my friend at midnight down town.  When I asked my parents if I could go (it was on a Thursday) they immediately said no.  On of my friends sat down & wrote a persuasive letter to my parents, came over to my house, & handed it to them.  The were both shocked at her determination to have me go.  It was like a sitcom: My parents were both reading the letter at the same time.  When they finished, they looked up at each other & then up at us.  Sara stood there confidently & I was like 'Oh no, here comes the embarrassment!"  To my excitement & horror they said yes.  It was one of the best freaking nights of my life.  So much fun!  This will be the first time in ages that I've seen it live.  I can not wait!

I am also excited to send out my first Newsletter (!!!) at the end of this week.  Hooray!!  If you'd like a little slice of Five Sixteenths (with some special offers!) click here to sign up!

Are you loving any old faves this week?


  1. ok, the animals with sweaters on are so fabulous! and that hippo/cake print...i am in love! have a fabulous weekend, it sounds wonderful!

  2. that hippo print is so cool! i'm going to check out their shop :)


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