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Collections play a huge part not only in my idea of identity (see my artist statement & the post about my senior project for more info).  I am a collector at heart & can't remember the last time I didn't have multiples of something.  There are a few things I actively collect (rings from the places I've been, shoes, craft supplies....) but there are a few things that just seem to accumulate.  Like shoes.  I love shoes! I don't think I collect them, but I sure do have a lot of them!

I love shoes & love to show them off.  There are a few that I go to more often than others, but all of these are the ones that I'd consider my fave.

These 11 pairs are my go to shoes for many occasions & some I just plain 'ol love because they are cute!

(one) my DIY Mocassins! Originally $10 from Target, I DIY'ed some color block mocs with neon green paint.  These are super comfy for everyday wear.

(two) Red thrifted flats first mentioned here.  This I wear when I've no shoes in particular to wear to work, my go-to dress up shoes.  They are bright & just my style.  They are a bit beat up because I wear them all time! My room mate suggested touching them up with a bit of acrylic paint.

(three) These thrifted shoes were 3 or 4 bucks & I bought them at the same time I bought number 8.  I have a brown pair & they are slightly too small.  I might try to see if i can stretch them out.  I've heard if you put ziplock bags of water in them & freeze them, they stretch a bit.....we'll see.

(four) Thrifted Italian made shoes, again a bit to small.  I love these because they are just cute!

(five) Clearance summer sandals from Khol's.  $10, I think.  Can't wait to wear them in the spring!

(six) Target shoes for $10 that I saw a week later at TJ Maxx for $23! what?  So glad I snagged them up.  I wore them a lot this summer.  To Katie's rehearsal dinner actually!  A little worse for wear in this photo.

(seven) Target moc booties from ages ago! They have a little hole in them so I can't wear them in the rain but I've had them for probably 2 years.

(eight) my favorite clogs! Thrifted for $3 I wear these all the time.  Especially with my new flare jeans! They are so comfy & make me so tall! I'd wear them everyday if I could :)

(nine) Khol's clearance from the summer.  The floral pattern just got me! Another go to dress up shoe for my office wear

(ten) Thrifted 'Wallabe' type shoe.  Great for camping & keeping warm.  I accidentally dropped a bit of bleach on one shoe while helping my grandparents close their pool but I touched them up with a sharpie.  Sweet deal!

(eleven) My TJ Maxx boots.  I wear these far too often.  Snagging those up was so great.  My fave!

I have so many more shoes but these are the ones I like to show off. 

What kinds of collections do you have? Share your shoes with me!

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