Make it Monday // Faux Enamel Ring

So I am all stuck in bed with an Icy Hot Patch on my back drinking Iced Tea (see this post) working on blog templates, updating the shop, & watching Bio.

I really was excited to get to making something yesterday & this morning for Make It Monday.....but since I hurt my back yesterday, I haven't been able to move!

In the studio yesterday, I started to wedge clay with a little twinge in my back.  I dismissed it because I've always had a little bit of back pain.  I plopped my clay down on the bat & began to center it.  All was well until I sat up.  OUCH!! I was nearly blinded by pain.  Whoops!  So I laid on the floor for 2 hours while Katie made a few things.  It hurts less than yesterday but I still can't move around.

Any way, I decided to finish up the photos for this awesome DIY today & post it: A DIY faux enamel ring.

Enameling has its roots in ancient history in decorating everything from stoneware, metal objects, & jewelry.  The basic enameling process includes adding glass powder to a metal surface & heating the piece until the glass melts.  This process adheres the glass to the metal creating a decorative piece.

I've been really inspired by Art Nouveaux enamel ware & decided to try to imitate the look of enamel with nail polish.  Nail polish?!?! Well, it is also called nail enamel.  What could it hurt.  When I saw a great brushed gold ring on sale for about $3 at Icing, I scooped it up and saved it for this DIY!

While at the craft store I also saw these ring blanks with deep wells perfect to hold the nail polish since it would have to fill up a space too get the right effect.  

You'll need:
ring blanks with deep wells or a textured ring or other jewelry
nail polish (I used some dollar store polishes! But Icing No Chip polish -if you want to spare it- would be a great alternative)
a level place to store the rings as they dry (my nail polish bottles were the right size to slip the rings onto)

The easiest rings first:
Uncap the polish & set the brush where it won't drip on something nice! pour a little of you polish into the center of the ring & rotate.  Be sure not to over fill! The rotation will help distribute the polish evenly & you can always add more if need be.

Line them up to let them dry & make sure to keep them level.  Let dry for a long time! You'll need at least 24 hours to let them dry.  You might be able to speed it up with a fan.  The longer you wait the better.  You don't want to accidentally create a texture on the ring by pressing something into it!

You could add another level of interest by using a glitter polish or even try the nail polish you made from the earlier DIY.  Since the polish came from the dollar tree, it won't be wasting a precious color!

I found the LA Colors Art Deco polishes at the Dollar Store & found out they have a really thin brush perfect for nail art & precision perfect for painting the textured feather ring.  The texture on this ring came to life with the color on it & really emulates the Art Nouveau look I was going for.

You can spruce up thrift store brooches & rings, jewelry you've gotten on sale & aren't too attached to.

Also, Happy President's Day! :)

What crazy things have you done with nail polish???


  1. girl, get outta here with this adorableness :)

    i hope your back is feeling better!!

    lovin the new layout too! i need to email you soon. i have questions :)

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