Sum up Sunday // A Typical Weekend

Weekends are the best time of the week.  The week is over, no work for two days (three in my case), I get to sleep in, wear PJs all day, eat a yummy breakfast, & work on what I love.  One of my ultimate favorite parts of the weekend is breakfast.  Breakfast is probably the best meal of all of the meals.

Zach & I alternate between what we eat for breakfast: sometimes it's just cereal, sometimes it's pancakes, sometimes we fend for ourselves, but most of the time breakfast involves some sort of eggs & bacon.  This morning was no exception.

Since Zach cooks most of the dinners in the relationship, I try to cook most of the breakfasts (since, really, how can you screw up eggs!?!).  I haven't bought bacon in a while but found this sort of pre-cooked, sliced ham that I usually fry up in it's place.  It tastes great & you can throw it on an english muffin with your eggs & have a little ham-egg-muffin sandwich thing.  I love it because it gets the greatest tasting little  glaze on it.

Zach likes his eggs scrambled & super burnt so I usually make his first to get the pan nice and hot for my 'hockey puck' eggs.  I like my eggs hard in the center or scrambled (but not burnt) with some strawberry jam. Yum!

This morning I opted for some yummy Lemon Blueberry Crisp Cereal that was on clearance at Target.  I've also started a love affair with almonds so threw some of that in too.  The photo above is pre-milk because I didn't want it to get all soggy!!  I am really enjoying discovering adult cereal as I like to call it.  Cereal that isn't sugar frosted & satisfies my sophisticated tastes. (yeah right)

I consider weekend breakfasts with Zach to be another mini date.  We get to sit together & I really enjoy that time to just sit & relax.  Neither of us have work or anything serious to worry about during that time so we just sit & eat....maybe watch a Stargate episode (or two).

So here are some great Mini-Date Easy Breakfast Ideas I like to throw together:
- The Classic - eggs & bacon (or ham slices)
- The Handfull - english muffin, toasted with scrambled (or hockey puck) eggs, bacon/ham. Side of strawberries (our fave fruit!)
- Take the Cake - a big ol stack of thin pancakes (think nearly crepe thinness)
- Cereal Offender - choose either the kind you enjoyed when you were a child or a yummy adult cereal like the Archer Farms brand from Target.

So what is your favorite part of the weekend?  Does it involve food?


  1. Clarification: do you put the strawberry jam ON the eggs??

  2. Interesting! I never would've thought to put jam on my eggs!

    I don't really do anything different food-wise on the weekends. My weekends are more marked by letting myself sleep in!! :D


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