Sum Up Sunday // 3rd Week in February

I was about to start off this post along the lines of 'I've nothing really great to report here for this week' & then just post some random things.  You know, it'd be a post of just filler things with a photo.  Just a post say I posted.  But then I realized, a lot happened this week:

On about Monday of this past week, I listed my first customizable pre-made blog template & a non-customizable/generic version of the same template.  On the 16th of this past week I sold the customizable version.  I spent the next two days assembling the customizable parts & putting together a licensing & instructions file.  I was super excited to embark on this new little project of mine.  

So I guess this post is the unofficial announcement of the blog design section of the esty shop.  If you want a full update on the workings & the new things I'll offer in the blog design department (both free & otherwise) sign up for the newsletter! I wasn't expecting to sell a design so fast & was just testing the waters before I announced what I'd been working on.
His & Her's breakfast before a day of antiquing.  We didn't find anything awesome :(
On another note, I've been wondering about pictures on the blog.  I know that super edited 'instagram-y' like pictures are a general no-no, but I've seen some blogs I really admire have some sort of vintage effect on their photos.  This adds to the over all feel of the blog & I guess plays a long with their design.  These types of photos fit in well & add to the image of the blog.  I just for the life of me don't have the time or patience to take super fantastic photos of my everyday life.  If I did, then I'd have nothing to blog about because I'd be editing photos & not doing anything.  As a responsible blogger, I should be focusing on how the pictures portray the overall feel of the blog...but sometimes I really like the vintage effects on photos, if they aren't over done.  I dunno, it's all up in there air on this front.  I just try to make sure you all don't have a page full of overly instagramed pictures to look at.

Also, remember when I was bitching about picnik closing & having to learn photoshop? Well, I think I am doing just fine.  However, I did find a few programs you may want to check out thanks to Kam over at Campfire Chic & I found this one through the photo app on my phone.

I also did a midnight redesign (that I'm still working on) for the blog.  To which, Zach asked me to come to bed & didn't understand that you can't just simply leave a blog redesign hanging!

This week was a very productive week.  I have pottery here in about 2 hours & I can't wait to get started on that front too.  I hope to have some end products I can share with you all here soon.  I was a little bit rusty a last session but this session I've got it going on.  I've also been going to open studio meaning I am now churning out 2x as many things as if I were going once a week.  

Also, don't forget to enter the awesome giveaway over at Pulp Sushi for a $20 shop credit a long with a whole flipping slew of awesome things from other bloggers & shop owners!

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