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I can not believe it's Friday already.  I can't believe it's the end of September either.  Lately, I've been doing the thing I did in college where I sleep until the absolute last minute then I get up, run around, & then out the door to work.  It's not fun.  I miss getting up early & hanging out with my roomie before she leaves.  Since her husband (I live with a married couple....maybe I'll tell the story later) got switched to the later shift right now, she tends to do the same thing.  So the only time we see each other in the morning is when we are trading spaces in the bathroom while brushing teeth.  Then its a quick goodbye & we are off to our respective jobs while he stays home with the puppy until he goes into work.  So this next week I am setting myself a bedtime! Lame!

Also, this weekend I want to get a few things kicked out for the Hostess & Home section of With Love Crochet.  Mainly I will be working on some aprons with my trusty old sewing machine! I hope to get about 4 in the shop next week so I'll be working on 3 this weekend since I have one already made.  I made three over the course of last semester; one for me, one for a friend, & one for the shop.  One in the shop will probably be a full apron while the other 3 are half aprons.  Those & so much cuter!

Anyway, here's what I am loving this week:
This high fashion apron!

These cool place mats! Who woulda thunk?

These great chandeliers.  Ever since my room mate got married I've had wedding fever.
Maybe it's just wedding decor fever?

My new leather shoes from Itlay that I thrifted for $4.
This is probably something I didn't really need since they are a 39.5 & from my personal trip to Italy, I know I have King Kong feet & need a 40.  I am going to suck it up though because I love them!
Hopefully my feet won't turn blue & then fall off.

So I think tonight maybe me getting the craft room a bit more set up.  There are still boxes everywhere, but I think I am going to move some stuff into my actual room because of this.  A little negativity: I am so frustrated because I want a place to work but since our apartment is having like too many troubles to mention, we probably aren't going to be there longer than a year.  We still don't have a dryer so I think I am going to do loads tonight & just hang them around to dry.  First world problems, I know. 

What are you loving this week?  
Any goals for the weekend?

October Blog Goals will be up this afternoon!

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