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Yesterday I realized that I am doing better off that I thought I would with this whole on my own thing.  I (fingers crossed) will end this month with a little bit to put towards my savings.  I made myself very, very proud!  All this time I've tried to skimp & save while still doing what I'd like to do & I've been able to do it.  I hope to call September the month that started it all since this past summer was super weird moving between jobs & homes. I am by no means up for buying a house or a car.....but for now I am stable!

So for this Fan Friday I wanted to share with you some thrifty-ness from my neck of the woods & some from around the interwebz:

This week I've worn a thrifted piece nearly every day.  This makes me so happy! I love being able to wear my thrifted outfits & still look cute.  If you haven't noticed by now, my style is all about modest lengths.  I like my skirts to be slightly longer than mid-thigh but often find myself wearing skirts that go mid calf.  I also opt for sleeves....usually a cardigan.  That is why I LOVE the fall! I can layer without sweating!  I am finding a load of fall inspiration & just started to discover some great dresses at thrift stores.  Usually I only buy skirts & cardigans from Thrift stores.  Shirts, pants, etc rarely fit me.  I have been known to pick up the occasional shoe too!

Here is what I wore today:

The next thing I am loving is a little thrift store crafty-ness.  I found this great inspirational DIY on pinterest & thought 'holy thrift shop, I can do that!'  I love the old world charm:

Check out some other great tutorials on the blog as well.  Instant heart!

I've also been thinking about adding some scarf necklaces to the good ol' etsy shop but every time I find a scarf I fall in love & don't ever want to give it up.  The same with the scarf I am wearing in today's outfit.  I lova lova it & I originally went looking for scarves for the shop! Any way, here is some scarf necklace inspiration:

She has loads of anthro-knock offs.  I love all the tutorials!
The scarves I want to add will be a cross between the scarf necklace DIY I did for est. 1839 & a chain necklace with a clasp.  I also want to add some excitement with charms, etc.  But I just have to learn to give up some scarves I buy!

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