Sum Up Sunday // Blogger Meet

Yesterday I met the sweetest girl ever.  Her name is Megan (of Freckled Italian) & she rocks.  Also, I have no pictures of this because we just had so much fun.

Megan & I talked about the perfect blog formula, our lives, how fun blogging is, how we both sometimes feel like we don't know what we are doing, cha-weenies & their cuteness, etc.  It was a great dinner.  I meant to tell her I loved her boots! But it got lost while I was stuffing my face!

perhaps these boots Megan? Check out how she found some awesome stuff in this post

Being able to put a blog to a face is so great.  I was totally nervous but it was great because we already had so much to talk about since we read each other's blogs! In fact when we sat down & she said they called the police last night, I blurted out 'I know, I read that this morning!'  How weird is it to have a friend yet you've never met them?

I didn't know how to explain it to people, 'it's like I know her but haven't met her.....it's not weird at all' I'd say as they looked suspiciously at me.

I'd meet another blogger again! Who wants to hang out? :)

Other notable happenings:
visited my sister :: room mate Chinese food outing
Cody put his bone on my knee :: And got a new hat
Ceramics class overalls :: Gnome Love

It was a great freaking week!

How was yours?

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