Make it Monday // DIY Fabric Spine Notebook

The other day I decided to buy a notebook from Big Lots in order to try to keep track of bloggy ideas.  I want to be better at being consistant & keeping track of my ideas.

When I bought this notebook I thought the design was cool but I really didn't like the spiral spine.  I realized that I have a whole bunch of little bitties of fabric that would be perfect for something like this.  So I broke out the needle & thread (and the E6000) & went to work.

notebook :: fabric :: embroidery thread :: E6000 (or hot glue gun) :: scissors
measuring tape :: needle 
Step 1 :: Measure around the spine of the book & the length (add about an inch or so allowance)
Step 2 :: Cut! Mine was about 6 x 9 inches
Step 3 :: fold over the edges a bit & sew.  Make sure you keep checking that it will be long enough & wide enough to fit!
Step 4 :: Sew around until you are done.  Tie a knot!
Step 5 :: Mark where the edge of the fabric will go on either side.
Step 6 :: Glue! Put a line of E6000 on the fabric & lay across the marks.  
Step 7 :: Let the front side dry & repeat on the other side.  You might have to stretch it a little bit.

Ta-Dah! You're done!

Now write away to you heart's content!  

Some goals for today:
Photograph & list some new things in the shop
Get some more posts going for this week.

What are your goals for this week?
How do you keep track?

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