Sum Up Sunday // Week in Review

This week I did a load of stuff! I took my first ceramics class at the rec center, I participated in Kitchen Band & started playing the guitar, I recruited four students at work, & got a bonus.  The ceramics class is a wheel throwing class of which I despised in college.  The one class I did take I could chose between wheel & hand building once we learned the basics. You know I chose handbuilding!  Kitchen Band is a group of people that sit around & strum on instruments while eating good food, laughing, & teaching.  Pretty much I just played like 3 chords the whole time.  We played for about 2 or so hours.  This next week we are hosting it at our house!  I probably won't get in any practice....but I don't think it matters.  As long as I play the right chords at the right time.

This week the puppy decided to sleep on top of my legs, the weather was cool enough to break out the fall gear, my wardrobe is getting up to about 50% thrifted items, and I made some lovely muffins.

How was your week? Anything exciting happen? Are you excited for fall?

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