October Blog Goals

Last month I posted my September Blog Goals & for the most part stuck to them! I am so proud of myself!  This October I hoping to continue on with some September goals (like tagging, linking within posts, commenting, etc) but to add a few more.

Open Hostess & Home section of With Love Crochet :: I am hope to launch about mid October with some aprons, hot pads, painted wooden bowls, decorated ceramics, & other nice necessities.  I have a few works in progress & will probably spend a lot of this weekend working on a few things.  (Mainly aprons, I only have one done!)

Do a Hostess & Home Giveaway :: A short little giveaway featuring products from my Hostess & Home section.  Perhaps a great little half apron.

Add more sections of my new home :: I am loving parts of our home decor & want to share those with you.  Pretty much we need to decide if we are going to be here for another year or not.  Right now it's not looking good since the dryer doesn't work (with no luck of fixing it for the past 3 months) & that the roof leaked during hurricane Irene (which hasn't been fixed yet either).

Get back into sponsoring :: I am always on the fence with this.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Button swapping is the way I like to do it! Money gets too complicated.

Take steps toward a business :: As part of my 20 before 24 goals, I want to move more towards a business.  I am afraid it may get too complicated & perhaps just want to keep it as a hobby for a little while longer.  the extra money is really great to go towards my student loans!

Keep up with 20 Before 24 :: I've done a lot actually, but just haven't had time to go through & cross it out! I've taken a class, started vintage/thrifted collections, etc.  But haven't had a chance to photograph!

What are you doing this October?

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