Dorm Dec Wednesday :: Raising the Bar

A part of a home I've always wanted is a bar.  I always thought it was really classy (or really trashy, depending) when I saw either on TV or in real life homes with bars.  It just seemed really neat to be able to offer a guest something to drink right from your living room! I especially fell in love with little bar carts. Those are more feminine than the little cabinet we have now but I figured with a boy room mate there are somethings that Katie & I should make more manly.  So when he sits down with Jack & Coke he doesn't feel like he has to raise his pinky!!

This cabinet is actually something his mother made with her own two hands.  It originally held a fish tank before he moved east.  It fits perfect in the corner by the couch & has a large cabinet for liquor bottles and margarita/wine/champagne glasses & a top compartment for shot glasses, coasters, & other barware type glasses.

I picked some of the really nice bottles of liquor & a few glasses to put on the top of the cabinet along with a bamboo cutting board so that glasses won't get set on the wood.  I chose this instead of coasters because it would be easy to move coasters around & there might not always be one when someone needs it.  This way the cutting board stays there all the time.  There is no reason to move it so it will be always there to set a glass on.  It will also hold at least three cups so if many people need a place to set a drink that is an option.  Currently there is a pint glass & a coffee cup on it!

To give a bit more of a feminine look (I mean really, 2 women & 1 man live here...something has to be pretty) I got a glass plate/tray thing to go under the bottles & glasses I liked.  I wanted to create a cute little vignette if you will.  I chose the coolest looking bottles & two of their wedding gift glasses to make it look fancy!  I guess I could have taken the stickers off, right?

This is one of my favorite parts of our home.  Next is the fireplace with flameless candles & the mantle. Perhaps that will be featured in the next Dorm Dec Wednesday post.

What is your fave part of your home?
Have you done something decor chic lately?

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