Tempted Tuesdays: Get Ready for some Geek, A Style DIY Post

I haven't discussed it before, I don't believe, but I am a huge (& I mean HUGE) Harry Potter fan.  I check Harry Potter blogs just as much as I do all my other craft, decor, inspiration blogs.  I. Love. HP.

I've read every book about twice I think, I have all the movies, I had a HP towel for summer camp when it first came out 13 years ago.  When this final part is over I have to grow up & I don't think I am ready!

Well, I have totally been obsessed with the Deathly Hallows to the point of considering joining all those crazy people out there by getting it tattooed on my somewhere.  I am not quite ready for it yet...but hey, its a new year in a few weeks.

I saw this on We Heart It & fell in love! I know that We Heart It isn't the best place to be able to give credit.  But if you know where this image is from, please, please, please let me know.

We Heart It says to link it here

How cool would it be to make a shirt or sweatshirt??  I am totally going to look through some old shirts from home to see if I have any blank ones.  Use acrylic paint to paint the image on with a wide brush.  The more handmade it looks the better.

What a great last minute DIY gift idea.  I know a few Harry Potter fans who would love one of these!

I am also in love with Emma Watson's new hair.  I love short hair & I wish my sister would go back to having short hair because she looks so good with it!

I totally want to take a thrift store sweater & pair it with one of my button downs.  Love, Love, LOVE her!

Also, 4 days til Christmas! Have you decked the halls & donned your gay apparel? If not you better get to crackin'

Oh did you see the lunar eclipse?

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