It's My Birthday! Part Trois

Alright, snow delayed the family festivities but I took a picture of the cake anyway. :(  Like I said earlier.....it's hard to get us all together.  The snow here turned a bit to ice & I didn't want my grandparents driving in it.  Here's the cake:

I assure you, there is an M in real life...it looks totally photoshoped.
My skills are not that good at all!

I decided I'd also tell you how to make a tiny pennant bunting like I did. You'll need a colored plastic bag, a bit of embroidery floss or bakers twine (any string really), a needle & scissors.

Cut the top of the bag off, then cut a strip from the middle of it like this

Cut the strip in half at the seam

Begin to cut little squares/rectangles.

Cut the rectangles in to a pennant shape.  
I folded them in half & cut a triangle from the folded edge.
Use a needle to thread them on your string.
Make sure they are all facing the same way.

I am mailing out the second topper tomorrow & can't wait! This pennant bunting is not just for a little cake, you can string it in an empty frame, on your memo board (which you can catch @ Young & Crafty or wait until its over here on Sum Up Sunday), on your vanity mirror.  You can use this bunting anywhere!!

Hope you enjoy :)

Oh did you catch that the plate the cake is on is the cake plate I made my mother earlier in the summer?

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  1. Fabulous bunting! Love it, it's so sweet. Thanks for sharing your tutorial : )

  2. looks great thanks for sharing grandmas are supposed to know these things and now that you shared your post I can say I do

  3. Too fun! I love it and I love that you shared how to make it!

  4. Those cake buntings are so stinkin' cute! Happy birthday!


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