Tempted Tuesdays: A Definite Buy

Tempted Tuesdays posted a bit too late? Well forgive me, I only just stumbled upon this awesome etsy shop!

We're all about the DIY movement right? Especially when it comes to style? Well, why not support a fellow DIY-er & designer?  This shop just rocks with all its gotta have accessories.  

Just think, these are perfect for:
  • that holiday office party.
  • no office, well that holiday party your friends are throwing
  • adding a holiday flair to your work outfits (I know I need all the flair I can get working retail!)
  • that New Year's Eve party where you'll be popping champagne with the best of them
  • after the holidays when your chilly legs need warmth & a little pick me up
  • when you need some grand ol' compliments from strangers.
Do you see that? 6 great reasons to snatch up these babies!

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  1. happy birthday! i wasn't sure which blog to go to, so i went to the other and read your haircut post (which is i think what all gals do when we break up with someone). i consider myself a short hair advocate, so "woot" to your super cute 'do. and tempted tuesday...love this! altho i don't think i should start something like this. i get tempted often enough without having to look for it!

    i'm so glad you stopped by, and thanks for your sweet comment on my tabletop display. i truly appreciate it!


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