Teen Movie Tuesday

Today must be Teen Movie Tuesday.  Already I've watched She's All That & 10 Things I Hate About You.  Then while flipping through channels I found Grease!

Lets recap some of the styles of the late '90s:

Overalls, baggy button ups, baby tees, mini skirts, long skinny lycra dresses, 
spaghetti strapped tank tops, crazy pig tail updo's, preppy, prissy dresses, & all around rebelliousness.  

And lets talk about the cuties:

I was definitely a Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Heath Ledger fan rather than Freddie Prince.

How is your Tuesday going?

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  1. i LOVE 90s teen movies!
    i was a freddie prinze jr fan :-)

  2. Ah, 90s trends. Brings back memories. I guess I was too busy playing pokemon when these movies came out though, I've never seen the classics like "Never Been Kissed"; I stuck to horror films.

    From what I know of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Freddie Prince Jr. is a worse actor than Keanu Reeves. (x infinity!) ;D


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