Fan Fridays: Christmas Cookies

On Wednesday I headed over to my grandparent's house with my brother & sister to make some Christmas cookies.  We used the same recipe & cookie cutters we've used for the past 23 years!  My aunt even commented that she used them when she was young. Man, those things are well loved!

Here's a picture of the cookie making:

My brother wears that crazy "sexy Santa cat suit" tee shirt every year!

Don't ask me why I am standing so weird in this picture...I think it took forever for the camera to take the picture so I just gave up on posing!

Like my apron? It's my Gramma's.  She's standing with me there.

I love making cookies!  I can't wait to eat them :)

Happy Christmas Eve!

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  2. Your grandparent's house is so cute! And I love the apron.


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