Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Outstanding Organization & Do-able DIY

First off, I have to say I love stumble upon.  I can find so many unique things that I wouldn't know how to search for myself!  I was stumbling through some blogs today & found some inspiring photos of studios & organization.  Since I am very sure my studio/corner devoted to a bunch of my things will fall inside of my room in an apartment shared with my friend, organization will be key!

Here's some of the inspiring images:

original website: Nest Pretty Things
There will be lots of storage like this.  I love the brightly colored boxes

original from: Anita
And lots of things on a desk like this.  
I already know I am going to be needing some stackable drawers.  

Original from: Heather Bailey
I threw this one in because that chair is gorgeous.

I also have to say that I found these photos at Home-Designing but the links lead directly to blogs & websites, but not  the actual posts.  So I am trying to give the best credit I can.  

In the spirit of these awesome studios I've also found a great organization DIY: Storage Boxes.  I mean, full on DIY storage boxes made of sweat, tears, & cardboard.  Oh & some glue & cute paper.

photo credit: Make it and Love it

This is perfect for storing sheets in a closet buy making the dimensions a bit longer, for storing toys in a playroom, for storing electronics & cords in your den, for storing towels in your bathroom, or stick these on top of your upper cabinets to store other what not that may be in your kitchen.

take this

to this

to these!
photos from Make it & Love it

All you need is extra cardboard, hot glue & glue gun, spare fabric, & some mod podge & you have yourself some home grown storage boxes.  Definitely check out Make it and Love it's blog & the tutorial.  I'm so glad I discovered it.

Hope you're ready for New Years Festivities! Lets ring it in!

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